AVID Class Resources

There are some foundational activities that are an integral part of the AVID program.  All AVID students are required to take part in to prepare them for the rigors of advanced classes as well as to become college and career ready.  When enrolling in AVID elective classes, students make a commitment to come to class prepared to participate in the following activities:



Developing good organizational skills is extremely important to a student’s success.  AVID students are required to keep binders that include a pencil pouch, a calendar/agenda/planner, dividers, their Cornell Notes, copies of their Tutorial Request Forms, returned assignments and other assignments designated by their teachers. Binder are reviewed weekly and graded on organization, completeness and neatness.

Resources:  Sample Binder


Cornell Notes

Focused note-taking enable students to capture the information and skills discussed in their classes.  AVID students are taught this systematic way to capture and process information in order to ensure they have understood and remember them.




Socratic tutorials take place twice a week and are facilitated by the teacher as well as college students who help students engage in questioning and problem solving in order to clarify any points of confusion they may have stemming from their content area classes.  Students are expected to come into class with a completed Tutorial Request Form (TRF) which will act as a springboard for their tutorials.

Resources:  10 Steps of the AVID Tutorial Process  | Tutorial Request Form (TRF)