AVID Tutor Job Description

Advancement Via Individual Determination 

Mentors    |      Role Models     |     Motivators

The Unique Responsibilities of the AVID Tutor

 Success in AVID lies in a solid curriculum, the Socratic tutorial method, and in motivational activities. A very important key is that of the tutor as role model and as part of the supportive system for the students. As many AVID students are enrolled in AVID for several years, they form strong attachments to those who are part of the program. Therefore, each tutor’s commitment to this relationship is important. AVID tutors must be dependable and serve as  advocates for the students’ academic and social growth. The students learn to trust the tutors. Likewise, tutors need to share their enthusiasm for learning and for college as well as experiences they have gained through their hard work in order to inspire students to overcome their own difficulties.


AVID Tutor Job Description

Under direct supervision of the AVID coordinator, tutors perform the following tasks:

  • Become familiar with the 10-Step AVID Tutorial process.
  • Participate in all required trainings, professional development sessions, and meetings.
  • Become familiar with the textbooks and materials used by AVID students.
  • Establish and maintain rapport with students.
  • Tutor students in small study groups or individually, assisting them in all subject areas based on the class and text notes they have collected in their AVID binders.
  • Determine from student notes and discussions the concepts that need to be taught or re-taught.
  • Facilitate student learning in a challenging, yet supportive, tutoring environment.
  • Evaluate student binders, including calendars, class and text notes, book notes, etc.
  • Assist in developing a resource file of enrichment materials for use in tutorial sessions.
  • Set an example of personal excellence and high expectations for all AVID students to follow.
  • Communicate frequently and honestly with the AVID coordinator regarding student progress and areas of concern.