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In an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world, the Sweetwater World Languages Department educates students to become effective, proficient communicators in a second or third language and informed, compassionate global citizens.  We strive to engage students through language, literature, film and arts that provide critical insights into world cultures and challenge students to understand the global human experience. 


Our students are the future, and as such we envision them as scholars, architects and leaders of our global society.  We aim to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge for the personal, educational and career requirements of the 21st century: cultural intelligence, intercultural competence and the language skills necessary to accomplish their personal and professional goals.


  • We advance and apply learning and proficiency in World Languages and cultures
  • We value inclusivity and respect for all cultures
  • We appreciate and honor cultural diversity
  • We strive for excellence in teaching and learning
  • We foster creativity and innovation in teaching and learning
  • We pursue trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary connections
  • We facilitate and encourage intercultural experiences for students and staff on site, in the community and abroad